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Looking for the perfect fit?


Here's how it works.



Browse our site for exciting pieces, from classics, casuels to collectibles. Every piece is inspected, cleaned, and ready for a home.



Come visit or call us to purchase and select your delivery method. 



Our team can deliver and set up your furniture. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

Downsizing or arranging an estate sale?


Sell used Furniture.

Enrich Lives. Make Money.



Email or text a photo of the item(s) you're ready to sell. Our team will review and confirm your submission. We’re focused on finding durable, quality pieces for people’s homes, so we are selective about what we’ll accept.


Hand Off

Pick a convenient date and drop off or we’ll come pick up your furniture—no need to hold onto it until it sells. Then we’ll display it, clean it, and market it. Please read the consignment rules here.


Get Paid

Sit back and relax. We do all the work necessary to get the most value out of your furniture, setting prices based on brand, condition of the piece, and customer demand. When your item sells, we pay you a commission of up to 50% from the sale.

  • Why should I consider consignment?
    People often look for us to consign their items because they may not know a true value of it and I should. If I don’t I have a way to find out. The idea is to get the highest and best value for your item while also providing a quality item at a reasonable price to the buyer. It’s a balance. Hoping to get a win-win for both parties. People often look for us for Consignment because they need The items out quickly because they are moving or downsizing or multiple other reasons. often people do not want their privacy invaded by selling things in their home. It is not easy to work through craigslist scams and not so friendly buyers looking to lowball you. My goal is to take the pain away and still provide you with an income for your items.
  • Why should I buy second hand?
    There’s 1 million reasons why people come to the Consignment Center. One of my favorite reasons is to find something special at a reasonable price that you can take home that will provide joy and function to your home. But there are several reasons. Economical reasons are certainly high on the list. But we do work hard to provide quality furniture at a respectable price. We also look very hard to find the rare and interesting items collectibles and oddities that are often hard to find in Hawaii. My goal is to not tread even more heavily on this planet by producing more new furniture and actually saving items from the dump and turning them into cherished collectibles or at the least highly functional items for your home. Furniture shopping in Hawaii is expensive and often not very exciting and often high-pressure sales. Again following the lead of we are a service to the community we are here to help you with what you need help with not push something on you.
  • Do you provide pick-up/delivery?
    Once your item is accepted or purchased we will provide you our moving rates.
  • How does cosignment work?
    Once the items come to the store they are cleaned up fixed up refurbished whatever is needed and put on the floor for sale. If I put time and money into restoring or refurbishing a particular item I will take that out of the sale. We generally price the items with information given to us by the Consignor or through research or general knowledge. Once the price is agreed-upon with the Consignor we price the item and start the three month consignment. Consignment starts 50-50 split. The next month is a 55-45 to the Consignor and the third month is a 60-40 split. We also reserve the right to lower the price and negotiate. Unless instructed otherwise not to. Sometimes dealers ask us to stay firm on prices also people that have an attachment to an item can ask the same.
  • What if my item doesn't sell?
    If the item does not sell it is either picked up by the Consignor within 10 days or donated to the store.
  • Do you help with estate sales?
    Essentially my estate services are the consignment store. Instead of having people invade your home with an estate sale on your property we will remove all the items and take three months to sell them instead of taking three days or two days at your home. The idea is we will reach more people with more time to get you more money for your items.


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